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“ All The Best To My Girls….MIBF 1 “

 “Stress is created by the negative thoughts & grow inside our mind & in the worst case, stress can completely block our mind, & lead us to abandon our effort.”

Students have a lot of stress especially during the exam period. It is more than vital for students to be able to manage stress if they want to succeed in the exams.

Stress is dangerous and can have negative effects on our health when  it gets out of control. In such cases stress can:
  • Limit the ability of our actual performance and
  • Makes us suffer, both physically and mentally


How to manage stress before the exams :

1. Learn to face the exams, despite your fear for a possible failure!
  • Take care for your good preparation
  • Create a schedule - organize your time
  • Do your exam revisions with your friends
  • Test your skills and knowledge with other friends
  • Meet with other friends and try to ask each other question
  • Try to explain to your friends what you have understood from studying, if you can explain to others, then you have understood ... otherwise, you need further iterations!
2. Analyze the situation realistically
Take a piece of paper and write down what is exactly causing you stress and anxiety, next to each problem write possible solutions. Take a break and discuss with your parents, or your teachers (if possible) your fears and doubts

3. Visualize and beat your fears
Attempt a mental representation of the actual conditions that cause you stress (i.e. «imagine in detail the actual conditions that make you feel stressed...»). When you do that you will notice that the more often you imagine and visualize the exams the more familiar you will become with them...! When you can deal with your fears in your imagination, you can also deal with them in reality as well!

4. Organize your study environment appropriately
  • Create a pleasant study environment, without strong lighting and sounds.
  • Make sure that the room has enough fresh air
  • Close windows and download the rolls.
  • Turn off TV, radio, and telephone. If there is still noise, you can use ear-protectors.
  • Find a comfortable position and lie down or sit in such a way that the head, the neck and your shoulders are in a convenient alignment, creating a channel for proper breathing.
  • Empty your mind from any other thoughts.
5. Try relaxation exercises
  • For 15 minutes per day, focus on diaphragmatic breathing and try to relax
  • Replace your thoughts: "I won't be afraid", or "I will definitely succeed", With more realistic thoughts: "Even if I am afraid, I will do everything I can to overcome any obstacles in order to achieve my goals".
  • Spend a little time for physical exercise on a daily basis
  • Make sure to rest and sleep well
  • Take a daily morning bath with lukewarm water


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