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Pertandingan Kawad Kaki NGO Daerah Klang 2011
...........Keep trying

Our Songs
Lagu Dunia

Versi Bahasa Melayu

Arah kita jelas ke depan,
Bendera berkibar;
Tidak berlipat di dunia
Harapan abadi;
Bersatu untuk kebenaran,
Persahabatan kukuh;
Selagi dunia masih ada
Akan nyanyi lagu ini.

Yang cintakan kebenaran,
Menetapkan janji;
Dengan rela berjasa,
setia abadi;
Kebebasan kita tepati,
Bersedia sama;
Untuk semua miskin kaya,
kita beri, yang terdaya.

World  Song

English Version
Our way is clear as we march on,
And see our flag on high
Is never furled throughout the world
For hope shall never die
We must unite for what is right
In friendship true and strong
Until the earth in its rebirth
Shall sing our song.
Shall sing our song.
All those who loved the true and good
Whose promises we were kept
With humble minds whose acts were kind
Whose honour never slept
Those were the free and we must be
Prepared like them to live
To give to all, both great and small
All we can give
All we can give.


From the north and South
From the East and West
Brownie come and dance together
On your tippy toe
Round and round you go
Soft and lightly as feather
Swing to your left and
Swing to your right and
Twirl around together

From every corner of the world
Girls of all races gather here
Share ideas for a better world
Thru’ caring, love, fun and laughter

Brownies come to gather here
Be merry,

be happy let’s all have fun here

Brownies come to gather here
Be merry,

be happy let’s all have fun here
Now we have spent some days of

As everyone goes everywhere
To play our part in bringing joy
To all the children every where


We are children of this world
We come from different places
We come from different backgrounds
And we all have different faces
Some of us are in pain
And there are tears in our eyes
Some of us are happy
And life is full of smiles

So I say
Let us build a world of love
For a little bit of love goes a long way
Reach your hand to another
For love can start that way
So let us build a world of love

We are children of the streets
That’s where we work and live
Some of us work for others
Working just to live
Some of us have no place to go
And we are all alone
Some of us are lucky
For we have a place called home


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