Tuesday, May 31, 2011


…. Fears & Tears.

“ One Touch Of Nature Makes The Whole World Kin”
~ William Shakespeare ~

The Earth’s Enemies ”

This world can be so cruel,
Go the wrong way and look like a fool.
Some things, so hard to understand,
Ugly occurrences in such a beautiful land.

We destroy ourselves every single day,
Destroying our world, destroying our way.
We go through life feeling almost blind,
Such a long travel, often nothing to find.

Some become no one, some become great,
Some with such love, some have anger and hate.
How can we be so different, and also the same ?
We all have secrets of tragedy and shame.

Our reason for life seems so dense,
We search for answers so we can make sense.
If we’re all here for a reason, we want to know why,
Something we may never know, before we die.

If the world actually revolved for you and me,
How would we know, shouldn’t we see ?
~ Marcy King ~



Sunday, May 29, 2011

Say No To Obesity !!!

.....Poor Diet ? Lack Of Exercise ????

Causes :
  • poor eating habits
  • overeating or binging
  • lack of exercise
  • family history of obesity
  • medical illnesses (endocrine, neurological problems)
  • medications (steroids, some psychiatric medications)
  • stressful life events or changes (separations, divorce, moves, deaths, abuse)
  • family and peer problems
  • low self-esteem
  • depression or other emotional problems

Risks & Complications :
Physical consequences ~
  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Breathing problems
  • Trouble sleeping

Emotional problems ~
  • Much lower  self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Ways To Manage :
  • start a weight-management program
  • change eating habits (eat slowly, develop a routine)
  • plan meals and make better food selections (eat less fatty foods, avoid junk and fast foods)
  • control portions and consume less calories
  • increase physical activity (especially walking) and have a more active lifestyle
  • know what your child eats at school
  • eat meals as a family instead of while watching television or at the computer
  • do not use food as a reward
  • limit snacking
  • attend a support group


Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Holiday.

“ Let music fill the air!
Let joy be everywhere!
Happy Holidays! “

Great Blue Hole


Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Style

Babyfaced Beauty
Designers Without Borders

"Fashion Designer"

Every clothes loving girl,
Wants to be,
A fashion designer,
Of the highest quality.

To design for the rich,
Design for the poor,
Design for the famous,
Then design even more.

Design a new pair of jeans,
A night gown or two,
Design a dress for me,
And then a top for you.

Think up the latest fad,
Make a magazine as well,
See your ideas on the catwalk,
Before they go to shops, to sell.

~ Rosefrn ~

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Thorn Birds.

........................Pain & Sacrificies

” There is a legend about a bird which sings just once in its life, more sweetly than any other creature on the face of the earth. From the moment it leaves the nest it searches for a thorn tree, and does not rest until it has found one. Then singing among the savage branches, it impales itself on the longest, sharpest spine. And, dying, it rises above its own agony to out carol the lark and the nightingale. One superlative song, existence the price. But the whole world stills to listen , and God in his heaven smiles. For the best is only bought at the cost of great pain………Or so says the legend…”

Inside of me,
there is so much of myself, I have no place for you to rest,
with vain hopes, there is no place you can feel comfortable.

Inside of me,
the darkness I can’t manage steals the place you can rest,
the sadness I can’t overcome is like a thick thorny forest.

When the wind blew,
dried branches were rubbing against each other, crying.
The little tired birds which had come to rest, flew away, hurt by thorns.

When the wind blew,
I was lonely and distressed, so I sang sad songs for many days.
Inside of me, there is so much of myself, I have no place for you to rest.
~ Deokgyu Ha ~


Really Enjoy This Drama

Friday, May 20, 2011

Reasons To Be Happy.

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.
It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”
~Unknown ~

The Happiest !

Mother gives me love and care.
Father shows me how to fare.
Friends give me joy and
Uncles buy me toys that run.
Granny tells me tales at night.
Brother spares his bike and kite.
Sister plays some tricks that please.
Teachers help me learn with ease.
I am the happiest you can see.
To have them all here with me.

 ~ Unknown ~

Words to Know :

Fare : progress, do well
Granny : grandmother
Please : make happy
Spares : gives



Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day

Dedicated To My Lovely Teachers ….........
SMK Convent Bukit Nanas, Kuala Lumpur.

Especially to :
Mrs. Teng : An Energetic Modern Maths Teacher
Mrs. Woo : Sweet Smiley Add Maths Teacher
Mrs Chow : Very Cool Physics Teacher
Pn. Nurul : My Lovely Biology Teacher
Pn. Hanizah : My Best BM Teacher
Mrs. Chong :My Sweet & Gentle Geography Teacher
Miss Dahlia : Very Talented English Teacher
Mrs Low : My Arts Teacher ( I Luv Arts class when I was in form 3 )
My Sweet,Sweet Elegant Chemistry Teacher ….
& The Most Charming and Beautiful Teacher ( Mrs See Thoo )

“ Thank You Teachers,
For Guiding me,
Inspiring me & Making me
What I Am Today…..”

“ You Are The Best
& Luv You Forever. ”


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Best Wishes.

My Dear Girls…..

“ Wishing You All The Best For Mid Year Exam ”
  • Be Prepared…
  • Enough Sleep….
  • Don’t Forget Your Breakfast….

    “ Strive For Excellence ”


    MIND TEST............

    KHB : Tingkatan 3
    Bab 4 : Tempat Kediaman

    1.         Antara berikut, yang manakah adalah ruang kerja ?

    I.                 Dapur
    II.                Bilik makan
    III.               Bilik mandi
    IV.              Garaj

    A.                 I dan II
    B.                 I dan IV
    C.                 II dan III
    D.                 II dan IV

    2.        Antara berikut aktiviti yang manakah dilakukan di ruang kerja ?

    I.                Memasak
    II.               Mencuci
    III.              Menggosok
    IV.              Membaca

    A.                 I, II dan III
    B.                 I, II dan IV
    C.                 I, III dan IV
    D.                 II, III dan IV

    ·        Melayan tetamu
    ·        Menjamu selera

    3.          Aktiviti-aktiviti di atas boleh dilakukan di ruang

    A.                 kerja
    B.                 sosial
    C.                 keluarga
    D.                 persendirian

    Ruang ini dikhaskan untuk ahli keluarga melakukan aktiviti peribadi mereka.

    4.         Pernyataan di atas adalah berkaitan dengan ruang

    A.                 kerja
    B.                 sosial
    C.                 keluarga
    D.                 persendirian

    5.         Pilih jenis ruang dengan fungsinya yang betul

    Jenis ruang
    Ruang persendirian

    Mengemas diri
    Ruang kerja

    Menonton televisyen
    Ruang kerja

    Tetamu dilayan di sini
    Ruang sosial
    Menyimpan bahan makanan

    6.        Antara faktor berikut, yang manakah membantu anda dalam pemilihan perabot ?

    I.                 Bilangan ahli keluarga
    II.                Jenis ruang
    III.               Ketahanan
    IV.               Kesihatan penghuni

    A.                 I, II dan III
    B.                 I, II dan IV
    C.                 I, III dan IV
    D.                 II, III dan IV

    7.         Alat kelengkapan yang manakah dapat membantu peredaran udara di tempat kediaman ?

    A.                Tingkap
    B.                 Pintu
    C.                 Kekisi
    D.                 Penyaman udara

    8.        Antara jenis pencahayaan berikut, yang manakah jenis pencahayaan am ?

    A.                 Lampu dinding
    B.                 Lampu meja
    C.                 Lampu pendarflour
    D.                 Lampu hiasan dinding

    9.         Apakah ciri-ciri jenis pencahayaan tidak langsung ?

    A.                 Dihasilkan daripada pembalikan cahaya
    B.                 Dikenali sebagai jenis pencahayaan am
    C.                 Biasanya digunakan di ruang kerja
    D.                 Pencahayaannya memancar ke satu arah tertentu sahaja

    10.       Kesan-kesan di atas mungkin diwujudkan oleh warna

    A.                 gelap
    B.                 terang
    C.                 lembut
    D.                 sederhana

    11.        Pilih pencahayaan yang sesuai untuk ruang yang dinyatakan.

    Bilik tidur
    Meja tulis
    Tidak terus
    Tidak langsung

    12.       Pilih panduan untuk menyusun atur alatan dan kelengkapan di tempat kediaman yang benar.

    A.                 Letak alatan hiasan yang besar pada dinding
    B.                 Letak bahan hiasan yang mengumpul habuk pada meja makan
    C.                 Letak bahan hiasan yang tinggi di belakang yang rendah
    D.                 Letak bahan hiasan yang besar di tengah-tengah ruang

    ·        Biru muda
    ·        Merah jambu
    ·        Hijau muda

    13.        Apakah kesan yang dihasilkan oleh warna-warna di atas pada sesuatu ruang ?

    A.                 Suasana ceria dan cerah
    B.                 Suasana redup dan muram
    C.                 Siling rendah kelihatan lebih tinggi
    D.                 Ruang besar kelihatan lebih kecil

    14.       Antara berikut, yang manakah adalah warna lembut ?

    I.                 Kuning
    II.                Merah jambu
    III.               Hijau muda
    IV.               Biru tua

    A.                 I dan II
    B.                 I dan IV
    C.                 II dan III
    D.                 III dan IV

    15.       Antara jenis lantai berikut, yang manakah sesuai dipasangkan di bilik mandi ?

    A.                 Lantai terazo
    B.                 Lantai mozek
    C.                 Lantai papan
    D.                 Lantai parket

    16.       Antara berikut yang manakah agen pencuci yang paling sesuai digunakan untuk membasuh tong sampah ?

    A.                 Sabun
    B.                 Detergen
    C.                 Bahan peluntur
    D.                 Pembasmi kuman

    ·  Mengemas bilik stor
    ·  Menukar langsir
    ·  Membersih kipas siling

    17.       Aktiviti-aktiviti di atas biasanya dilakukan

    A.                 setiap hari
    B.                 pada masa cuti
    C.                 pada hujung minggu
    D.                 dua kali dalam seminggu

    18.       Pilih susunan langkah yang betul untuk membersih ruang tetamu.

    I.                 Mengemas bahan bacaan
    II.                Membuka tingkap
    III.               Mengesat habuk
    IV.               Menyapu lantai

    A.                 I, II, III, IV
    B.                 I, III, II, IV
    C.                 II, I, IV, III
    D.                 IV, III, II, I
    19.       Antara berikut yang manakah menggambarkan susun atur dalam dapur yang ideal?

    A.                 Peti sejuk diletakkan di sebelah dapur
    B.                 Sink diletakkan jauh daripada tingkap
    C.                 Dapur diletakkan di tengah-tengah ruang dapur
    D.                 Meja kerja diletakkan berdekatan dengan sink dan dapur

    20.       Pilih susun atur alatan dan kelengkapan di ruang dapur yang tidak sesuai.

    A.                 Sink diletakkan sebaik-baiknya di tepi tingkap
    B.                 Peti sejuk perlu diletakkan jauh daripada dapur
    C.                 Meja kerja diletakkan berhampiran dengan dapur
    D.                 Dapur diletakkan berhampiran dengan bahan mudah terbakar

    Answers :

    1. B      2. A     3. B      4. D     5. A     6. A     7. D     8. C     9. A     10. B

    11. A   12. C   13. C   14. C   15. B    16. D   17. B    18. C   19. D   20. D