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Khb: Form 3
Chapter 4
Vinyl & Linoleum

Vinyl and linoleum floor coverings are often the best option for a bathroom or kitchen. The wipe-clean surfaces resist wear and stains as well as being softer underfoot than tiles or wood. Linoleum is a less flexible sheet flooring that is more difficult to lay than vinyl - so it may be worth calling in a professional.

Vinyl flooring looks great and is one of the most hard-wearing coverings you can buy.It is easy to wipe clean, warm underfoot and can reduce noise - especially useful in children's rooms. There's a huge range of patterns available on rolls and tiles. You can opt for an authentic wood block pattern, marble effect, bright colours or soft pastels. Vinyl sheet comes as 2, 3 or 4m widths, from 1.4 to 3mm thick.
Thinner sheet and tile flooring is harder on the feet but is long-lasting. Cushioned vinyl is thicker and more comfortable but can be damaged by heavy wear. Linoleum is a solid sheet flooring similar to vinyl but much more difficult to lay so call in a professional to lay this type of floor covering.

Linoleum (informally abbreviated to lino) is a floor covering made from renewable materials such as solidified linseed oil (linoxyn), pine rosin, ground cork dust, wood flour, and mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate, most commonly on a burlap or canvas backing; pigments are often added to the materials.

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