Saturday, August 13, 2011

Revision Tips

Exam… Nervous???
Here are some tips to help you make the most of your revision time & keep those nerves under control.

Study Skills
Where to study ?
Creating good conditions to study in can help you make the most of the time you spend revising. Here are some suggestions :
·        Find a quiet place. Make sure you are sitting comfortably.
·        Make sure your desk is well lit.
·        Keep background noise to a minimum.
·        Avoid studying in an area where there will be distractions. Ex : TV
·        Have everything you need to do revision to hand before you start. 

How to study ?
There is no ‘ right way ’ to revise, as long as the method you choose enables you to gain a solid grasp of key facts & consolidate your knowledge.
·        Turn your notes into revision tools :
-           Write ideas & facts on to cards to use as ‘ prompts ’
-           Create memory aids such as diagrams or mnemonics to remember key facts.
-           Write key facts/notes out & display these around the house where you will see them.
-           Record yourself reading notes to listen to
·        Study with a friend & test each other’s knowledge.
·        Work through past question papers. Use a watch to to time them so that you can practice timing your answers.
·        Choose the best study & revision guides for you. Save valuable time & get recommendations from your teachers.
·        Keep yourself more alert by changing revision methods during a session. For instance, try switching from note taking to memorizing,  from reading to asking someone to test you.
·        Attend any revision classes that your teachers may be running at school & get their advice on revision methods.
·        Look after yourself : The more tired you are the less efficiently you’ll work. You need to rest as well as study, eat well, drink lots of water & make sure you pace yourself. Don’t rush, and equally don’t over-revise by doing too much too soon.

Last-minute revision tips
Although time may be short, you can still make a difference to your grade. Try and prioritise : do what you can.
·        Use your revision tools ( prompts, diagrams etc ) to check final facts
·        Keep calm and consolidate your existing knowledge rather than trying to learn new topics
·        Don’t stay up all night revising : being overtired will not help you to do your best.


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