Sunday, August 7, 2011

Find Your Color.

The Role Of Color Psychology

Your color preferences can reveal basic aspects of your personality. Think about the colors you wear most often. These colors indicate both your strengths and your weakness.
Find your favorite color and see what your choice indicates about your personality.

Favorite Color
Basic Personality
If you wear red, you are energetic & impulsive. You are competitive, ambitious & like to be center of attention. Red is symbolic of leadership qualities & courage. You are focused on results & success. Take time to also learn to be a good listener & to be sensitive to the feelings of others.
If you wear pink, you have an affectionate & loving nature. Pink is symbolic of understanding & sympathy. However, you may be childlike, lack willpower or need a tremendous amount of support from others. A self-reliant person who wears pink exude warmth & love. Pink is a combination of intense energy of red & purity of white.
If you wear orange, you are action oriented & competent. Orange symbolizes practicality, independence, organization & creativity. You are self motivated, active & competitive. You need to be careful not to try & dominates others.
If you wear yellow, you like to be active & involved in life. You have a stimulating personality & an interesting mind. Yellow symbolizes vitality, communication & sportaneity. You appreciate the new & modern. Make sure you also take care to resolve conflicts.
If you wear green, you are benelovent & service-oriented. You observe life & prefer to stay on the sidelines. Green symbolizes the desire for peace & harmony. You are sensitive & artistic. You may need to add other colors to your wardrobe to become more involed in life with others.
Light Blue
If you wear light blue, you are sensitive & perceptive. Light blue symbolizes a good imagination, creativity & a practical approach to life. Make sure to use your analytical abilities for problem-solving ! Light blue is a combination of the power of blue & the innocence of white.
Dark Blue
If you wear dark blue, you have deep feelings. You are intelligent & self-radiant. You are willing to take responsibility & make decisions. You may need to surround yourself with peace & affection to avoid depression. You need to play! Dark blue is a serious color often choosen for the military & corporate business.
If you wear violet, you need to feel needed. You have a sensitive, compassionate personality. You should be careful to choose your friends wisely as you may be vulnerable to friends who will impose upon you or damage your self-confidence.
If you wear purple, you are free-spirited & intuitive. You like to explore other realities & unusual ideas. You have high aspirations & great optimism. Take care that you do not become arrogant! Be sensitive to your need for spirituality.
If you wear brown, you are very down to earth! You are honest & live a very regular, structured life. You love things of the earth ; food & pleasure. You also appreciate good company, but tend to protect yourself. Be careful not to retreat too far from others.
If you wear white, you have a well-balanced, positive personality. White symbolizes a blank page, a new start, a time of lifetime in which all things are possible. You are highly individual, so be careful to connect with others to avoid loneliness.
If you wear black, you are disciplined & strong-willed. You may be stubborn & inflexible. Black has become a common color for corporate clothing, showing power & confidence. Black indicates authority & protection of your own aims. Be careful not to be too independent or stubborn.
If you wear gray, you are very self-sufficient individual. You may stay aloof from others & have excellent self-control. Try not to isolate yourself too much. You need some rest & relaxation to avoid a build up of stress.


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