Sunday, August 14, 2011


Opportunity is attracted to people with a dream. They are the first to be hired, first to be offered opportunity, and first to be promoted. Bigger the dream the faster doors open.
People without a dream are last to be hired, last to be promoted, and first to be laid-off in a force reduction.
For non-dreamers, doors remain closed.
“ WHY???”
People with a dream act differently than non-dreamers, dreamers develop an attitude that radiates energy, they have a sense of purpose and meaning to their lives. Radiant energy is an attitude that bosses like and to which they offer opportunity.
This is how Impossible becomes Possible.

“ Dreams are more valuable than money, because dreams find opportunity. Money FIRST does not fulfill dreams, it can kill them. Seek your dream, money will follow ”

How Does One Make Their Dreams Come True ?
There are three elements :
·        First
We must have a dream that motivates us. No one has ever achieved anything without dream attached to burning desire.

·        Second
We must learn how-to-learn. In school, we learn how to memorize or be taught. Learning how to learn frees our dependency on others for knowledge.

·        Third
We must learn from failure and learn how to bounce back from failure. No one ever succeed without failure.

“ My ability to educate myself is the secret that open the doors of opportunity. Number of years in the classroom may determine the ease of getting a job, but self-education skill determines the ability to advance ”


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