Tuesday, May 31, 2011


…. Fears & Tears.

“ One Touch Of Nature Makes The Whole World Kin”
~ William Shakespeare ~

The Earth’s Enemies ”

This world can be so cruel,
Go the wrong way and look like a fool.
Some things, so hard to understand,
Ugly occurrences in such a beautiful land.

We destroy ourselves every single day,
Destroying our world, destroying our way.
We go through life feeling almost blind,
Such a long travel, often nothing to find.

Some become no one, some become great,
Some with such love, some have anger and hate.
How can we be so different, and also the same ?
We all have secrets of tragedy and shame.

Our reason for life seems so dense,
We search for answers so we can make sense.
If we’re all here for a reason, we want to know why,
Something we may never know, before we die.

If the world actually revolved for you and me,
How would we know, shouldn’t we see ?
~ Marcy King ~



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