Sunday, March 4, 2012

" We Are Born With Certain Needs "

" Life is about being yourself.
Someone only you can be ...
Someone only you can understand ...
Someone that is unlike everyone else.
Someone that doesn't copy others to look the same.
Someone who is extremely unique.
Because You Are You "

~ Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs ~

Abraham Maslow believed that we are aware of our motives and drives for the most part and that without the obstacles of life, we would all become psychologically healthy individuals with a deep understanding of ourselves and an acceptance of the world around us.

Maslow's most well known contribution is the hierarchy of needs and this is often used to summarize the belief system of humanistic psychology. The basic premise behind this hierarchy is that " we are born with certain needs ". Without meeting these initial needs, we will not be able to continue our life and move upward on hierarchy.

The final level in the hierarchy is called the need for self-actualization. Self-actualization refers to a complete understanding of the self. To be self-actualized means to truly know who you are. Where you belong in the greater society, and to feel accomplished all that you have set out to accomplish. It means to no longer feel shame or guilty, or even hate, but to accept the world and see human nature as inherently good.

Many people likely tried to place themselves on one of the five levels of the pyramid. This may be an easy task for some, but many struggle with the ups and downs of life. For many of us, life is not that straight forward. We often have one foot in one level, the other foot in the next level, and are reaching at times trying to pull ourselves up while making sure we don't fall backward at the other times.

The goal of mankind, however, is to keep an eye on the top of pyramid and to climb as steadily as possible. We may stumble at times and we may leap forward at times. No matter how far we all backward, however, the road back up is easier since we already know the way.

" Strength and growth come only through continues effort and struggle : KEEP STRUGGLING "


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