Friday, March 16, 2012

" Discover, Analyze & Solve it . . . . . Problem Solving "

" It's not that I'm so smart,
It's just that I stay with problems longer "
~ Albert Einstein ~

Problem solving is a mental process which is the concluding part of the larger problem process that includes problem finding and problem shaping where problem is defined as a state of desire for the reaching of a definite goal from a present condition that either is not directly moving toward the goal, is far from it or needs more complex logic for finding a missing description of conditions or steps toward the goal.

There are seven main steps to follow when trying to solve a problem. These steps are as follows :

1. Define and identify the problem.
Clearly understand the problem.
~ Develop a problem statement : Make sure the problem is limited in scope so that it is small enough to realistically tackle and solve.
~ State the goal : Stating the goal provides a focus and direction.
~ Considerations.

2. Analyze the problem.
In this stage of problem solving, questions should be asked and information gathered and

3. Identifying possible solutions.
" The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas " ~ Grift Niblacks
~ Brainstorming
~ Buzz groups
~ Nominal groups
~ Delphi methods
~ Fantasy chaining
~ Focus groups
~ Methaphorical thinking
~ Considerations

4. Selecting the best solutions.
6 steps to decision making.
" Decision making can be seen as bringing one into an ambivalent relationship with both power and responsibility " ~ Michael Lerner

5. Evaluating solutions.

6. Develop an action plan.

7. Implement the solution.


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