Friday, June 3, 2011

RZ ..... A Valley Of Lilies.

…… Sweetness & Closeness Of Loved Ones.
Lilium Longiflorum : 1. Stigma 2. Style 3. Stamens 4. Filament 5. Tepal

The Meaning & Symbolism :
·       Symbolizes Purity & Refined Beauty.
·        The May birth & the 30th wedding anniversary flower
·        In modern days, lilies symbolize feminine sexuality.
·        A valley full of lilies stands for sweetness & the closeness of loved ones.
·        As the flower most often associated with funerals, lilies symbolize that the soul of the departed has received restored innocence after death.
·        When one has dreams of lily in the winter then it symbolizes the approach of sad news. Such dreams indicate that there would be a departure of a dear one or frustrating times ahead. An orange Lily symbolizes hatred while a yellow Lily symbolizes falsity.

Toxicology :
Many varieties of lily are extremely toxic to cats, causing acute renal failure even in small amounts. This is particularly true in the case of Easter lily plants, though other Lilium and the related Hemerocallis  can also cause the same symptoms.

Uses :
Dried Lily flower buds called ‘ jin zhen ’ or golden needles in Chinese. They are often soaked, softened and used with mushrooms and other ingredients in Chinese cooking.
Lilium bulbs are starchy and edible as root vegetables, although bulbs of some species may be very bitter. The non-bitter bulbs of Lilies are grown at large scale in China as a luxury or health food, most often sold in dry form. They are eaten especially in the summer, for their perceived ability to reduce internal heat. Their texture and taste draw comparison with the potato.


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